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Surgery Appointments 確認預約


As for the VIPs who would like to minimize the duration for the stay, we could arrange your consultation and the surgery on the same day particularly. So that you could spare more time taking rest in the hotel, or explore various spots all over Taiwan.




No Payment of Deposit 無須支付訂金

While determining your beauty trip to Taiwan, please let us know your correct date of arrival, and memorize the surgery date. Meanwhile, we’ll send you prior-notification and relevant documents. It is not required to pay the deposit , please kindly reconfirm to secure your appointment by phone 3 days before surgery date to facilitate our preoperative preparation.




Ways of Charging 收費方式

Money Exchange is available at Bank counter in the airport, it’s convenient for you on your arrival. If you prefer to go elsewhere, please make sure of the opening hours of the banks. (Not available on the weekends!) Further information about overseas transfer or more, welcome to call +886-931919066.



Special Service for You 禮賓服務


When you arrive at Taipei Airport, you could take a taxi at the pick-up area at the airport exit. Just tell the taxi driver the address of Plastic and Aesthetic Department , Genesis Clinic or the hotel you’re staying. If you need us to arrange the pick-up service, please contact us after your luggage claim.(service number:+886-931919066) In any case, please offer us the hotel name or the address of your stay, or any other contacts for us in order to reach you or provide you a proper service whenever you’re in need.

當您抵達台北機場,可以搭乘出口處等待接送您的計程車,只要告知診所地址即可接送您到想要入住的飯店或直接到診所。若您需要我們代為安排機場接機,可以在飛機抵達機場後提取行李的空檔,與我們聯繫,我們可為您安排接機服務(禮賓電話:+886-931919066)。 無論如何,請將抵台後入住的飯店名稱或居住地址等聯繫方式讓我們知道,隨時保持聯繫;以便當您抵台後需要任何諮詢或指引,我們能夠即時為您提供協助與服務。


Suggested Hotels 入住飯店建議

Here are some hotel choices near Plastic and Aesthetic Department ,Genesis Clinic, which we recommend you to consider priorly, in order to save time for returning back to hotel after surgery.




Suggested Transportation Routes 交通路線建議

Check the website before your visit Plastic and Aesthetic Department ,Genesis Clinic. We recommend various ways of taking transportation. http://okgscline.pixnet.net/blog/post/221972882




To Explore Taiwan 深度旅遊服務

We offer customized travel itinerary service, cultural trip and chartered car according to your duration and requests of the stay. Please make a reservation while consulting with us, we’ll have someone at your service, lead you to see the most real, most beautiful, and most special Taiwanese culture.


After Surgery 術後服務


After your short stay, you’ll be ready to go home with a pretty appearance and a content heart! On the day of departure, just give us a call for a shuttle service to the airport. We could offer the relevant documents for you while checking identification is required from the immigration when you’re heading back home. Any postoperative care question are welcomed, e-mail, FACEBOOK, LINE, WECHAT are all available!Plastic and Aesthetic Department ,Genesis Clinic assembles a professional team, with international doctoral thesis approval, providing you reliable aesthetic medical service. Welcome all of you from all over the world to come to Taiwan, enjoy the relaxed, delightful, relieved journey of perfection.




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